Waste heat recovery from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems

Cold spot corrosion problems and mechanical failures limit heat recovery. Polymer economisers are corrosion resistant and designed for leak proof thermal expansion.

Improve CHP efficiency

Avoid mechanical problems

Prevent corrosion & fouling

Your CHP has additional waste heat recovery potential

Waste heat recovery on CHP systems is limited by corrosion and mechanical failures

How to recover more waste heat from your CHP

Waste heat recovery systems for a CHP

Stainless steel or Polymer Economiser

Warm up boiler feed water, make-up water or process water with waste heat from flue gas. The economiser is corrosion resistant & anti-fouling and is easy to maintain and clean.

Industries with CHP systems


4% boiler efficiency increase

Within the Together Towards ZERO program, Carlsberg strives to make their breweries more sustainable. One of the steps taken in their Ukraine brewery is using a biogas fired steam boiler. 

Due to the usage of biogas, high concentrations of sulphur elements can be found in the flue gas. If the flue gas is cooled down, these sulphur components condense and form sulphuric acid which is very corrosive. To prevent this from happening, Carlsberg operated their system such that the flue gas was at a high temperature (>140 °C) leaving the stack. Additional heat present in the flue gas was not used.

HeatMatrix installed  a Polymer Air PreHeater which allowed Carlsberg to cool to temperatures below the acid dew point and achieve additional heat recovery on their steam boiler. There are no corrosion issues because of the corrosion resistance of  the polymer used in the HeatMatrix APH. Based on the success in Ukraine, Carlsberg Serbia introduced the same solutiton on their biogas fired boiler.

Technical Assessment of your CHP

Our process engineers assess the technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your CHP. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs is determined.
HeatMatrix technical assessment of heat recovery on a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system