Heat Recovery Systems for Flue gas & Exhaust air

We help the industry reduce their CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs

Our mission Waste Heat

Up to 20% of all heat generated by the industry is lost via flue gas or exhaust air. An increasing number of industrial companies want to become more sustainable and want to recover this lost heat. We help these companies identify the heat recovery options for their plants and we design and implement the most suitable heat recovery system for the specific situation. As a result our customers lower their costs and reduce their CO2 emissions.

These companies reduce their CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs with our solutions every day and every year, again and again.

You want to reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emission in your thermal process

But how and where to start?

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Need guidance?

You find it difficult to define the best energy and CO2 reduction options.

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Need integration?

You want a complete heat recovery system integrated in your process by experts, without any hassle.

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Need assurance?

You want assurance that your investments delivers the promised energy, CO2 and cost savings.

We design and deliver heat recovery systems to reduce your carbon footprint

We offer guidance

We offer integration

We offer assurance

Our story

For industrial companies it is not easy to determine which options they have to recover heat from their processes. Often corrosion and fouling problems make additional heat recovery from flue gas and exhaust air even more difficult.

Therefore a group of experienced process engineers founded HeatMatrix in 2008. Based on their proven and patented technology they developed robust heat recovery systems to recover heat from flue gas and exhaust air – even from corrosive and fouled gases.

Nowadays HeatMatrix helps industrial companies from start to finish to map their heat recovery options, engineer the most suitable heat recovery system and implement it in their process. All with one goal: making the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and operational costs as affordable and easy as possible.


Want to get started?

Your path to lower energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions

Heat Recovery Scan

Our process engineers assess the technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your process. Your potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs is determined.

Heat Recovery Proposal

We engineer a robust heat recovery solution for your situation. You receive a proposal with all technical details and an economic assessment with payback time. You have everything for budget approval.


Realize Project delivery

HeatMatrix designs, delivers and -upon request- installs a complete heat recovery system in your factory. For bigger projects we work with your preferred EPC from start to implementation.

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