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Updated on 1st of November 2019

Version number 1.0

Are you visiting a website of HeatMatrix Group? We then use cookies, which we store on your computer, telephone or tablet, or other devices with which you visit our website. A cookie is a small text file which is placed on the device with which you enter the website. With the information in these text files we recognize you when you visit the website again later. This is useful for us, but also for you. For example, cookies remember which language you have set. This way we can help you better and faster next time because you do not have to pass it on again.

In addition to cookies, there are other techniques with which we can store information on your computer, telephone or tablet for (later) reading. An example of this is ‘local storage’ on your computer. The effect of this is actually the same. For reasons of convenience, we therefore call this technique also cookies. For the placing of cookies, we use these techniques, such as JavaScript and tracking pixels (local storage).

Why does HeatMatrix Group use Cookies?

We use cookies for different purposes:

  • Functional cookies: we use these to make our websites more user-friendly.
  • Analytical cookies: we use these to view and analyze the use and traffic of our websites.
  • Social media cookies: to share vacancies or web pages via social media, and to ensure that you can view videos from HeatMatrix Group on for example YouTube.
  • Advertisement & Marketing cookies: to place possible advertisements on our website, and to identify you on our website.

Give and withdraw cookie permission

Would you rather not want HeatMatrix Group to keep information about you and about the settings of your devices? You can then indicate, before you use the website, what you do and do not give permission for by using the banner at the bottom of the page. We always place functional cookies because otherwise the website will not be shown properly. Cookies that are about your preferences on the website or statistical cookies are turned on by default, but you can switch them off. Marketing cookies can be turned on or off.

If you have already clicked ‘ok’ by mistake, you can still change your permission below, or withdraw it below.

Please note: you must yourself delete cookies that are already on your computer, phone or tablet. We cannot do that for you. Below you can read how you can do that yourself.

Manually View and delete cookies.

You must delete your own cookies, HeatMatrix Group cannot do this for you. To delete cookies, go to your internet browser, for example Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. You can also set your internet browser so that you get a message when a website wants to place cookies. You then decide separately each time whether you want to give permission for this. If you want to know more about this, you can click on the links below:

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


If you cannot find out how to delete your cookies through the links above, you can also follow the step-by-step plan of the Dutch consumer association. Consumentenbond, cookies verwijderen: Stappenplan

Which Cookies are used by HeatMatrix Group?

On this page we indicate per type of cookie it’s purpose. You can also find the cookies that may be placed by third parties on your computer, telephone or tablet because HeatMatrix Group makes use of the services of these third party companies, for example Google (incl. YouTube). In that case we refer to the website of that company. There you can read what they do with the information collected through the cookies.

We encourage you to read the privacy statement of Google (including Youtube), Facebook and Linkedin:

Google Youtube



This is the cookie declaration withdrawn from Cookiebot.

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