Waste heat recovery systems for Flue gas and Exhaust air in Chemical Plants

Corrosion and fouling problems limit the recovery of more heat. With polymer heat exchangers you can recover additional heat and overcome these issues.

Improve thermal efficiency

Prevent Corrosion & Fouling

Reduce CO2 emissions

15% of energy is lost by flue gas or exhaust air leaving your stack

What is keeping you from recovering this waste heat?

Engineer at industrial plant looking for flue gas heat recovery options

Finding a robust heat exchange solution?

Finding a technically feasible solution to recover and re-use waste heat is a challenge.

Corrosion of an industrial heat exchanger

Corrosive and fouling flue gases?

Your flue gas or dryer exhaust air is potentially corrosive or fouling at low temperatures.

Oil refinery engineers handshake. Petrochemical and gas industry successful deal. Cooperation concept.

The business case?

The payback time of waste heat recovery projects must be less than 5 years.

HeatMatrix engineers and manufacturers heat exchangers to recover waste heat in chemical plants

Save up to 10% energy on your thermal process

Recover waste heat - that is now lost - from flue gas or exhaust air

Your thermal process has waste heat recovery potential

Select your thermal process to find out how

How waste heat recovery systems work in Chemical plants

Our waste heat recovery systems for Chemical plants

Polymer Air Preheater

Warm up combustion air or drying air by extracting heat from flue gas or exhaust air. The air preheater is corrosion resistant, easy to maintain and to clean.

Stainless steel or Polymer Economiser

Warm up boiler feed water, make-up water or process water with waste heat from flue gases or exhaust air. The economiser is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain and to clean.

8% energy consumption reduction

Your path to lower CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs


Technical assessment

Our process engineers assess technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your process. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs is determined.


Heat exchanger design and Business Case

A proposal shows all technical details and an economic assessment with payback time. You have everything you need for approval to start a feasibility study. 


Feasibility study

We or your preferred Engineering company can perform a feasibility study to create the budget estimate you need to get management approval for CAPEX.


Technical assessment of waste heat recovery in your Chemical plant

Our process engineers assess the technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your process. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs are determined.
HeatMatrix technical assessment of heat recovery for a chemical plant