CPVC producer Lubrizol

Corrosive exhaust air is cooled below the water dew point resulting in a reduction of the energy consumption of the dryer of 8%.

8% energy savings

170 kW heat recovered

Payback time 2 years for equipment

Ambition to reduce energy

Lubrizol is committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions. To reduce their energy consumption on the drying process of CPVC, they wanted to recover heat from the exhaust air of their dryer.

HeatMatrix polymer APH

Previously no heat was recovered from the exhaust air of the dryer, because of the high hydrochloric acid content in it. When cooled down, through the water and acid dew point, hydrochloric acid is formed and corrosion occurs.  A HeatMatrix polymer APH was selected, because of its ability to handle corrosive exhaust air. 

Energy savings of 170kW

Incoming cold air is heated from 10 to 56 °C, resulting in an energy saving of 170 kW. Corrosion free heat recovery is achieved.


Solution has a duty of 170 kW
Flue gas flow 13,000 kg/hr
Temperature flue gas flow 59 °C
HCl concentration 100 mg/Nm3
Installed system HeatMatrix polymer APH

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Technical Assessment of heat recovery on your Dryer

Our process engineers assess the technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your Dryer. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs is determined.