Waste heat recovery systems
for Flue gas and Exhaust air

Corrosion and fouling problems limit heat recovery in the industry. We engineer corrosion and fouling resistant heat recovery systems for your plant, so you can recover more heat.

Reduce CO2 emissions & Fuel costs

Prevent Corrosion & Fouling problems

20% of energy is wasted via flue gas leaving the stack or chimney

What is keeping you from recovering this waste heat?

Engineer at industrial plant looking for flue gas heat recovery options


Determining the best way to lower your energy consumption is complex.

Corrosion of an industrial heat exchanger

Corrosion or fouling?

Your flue gas or exhaust air is potentially corrosive or fouling.

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Business case?

The payback time of waste heat recovery options must be less than 5 years.

HeatMatrix engineers and manufacturers heat exchangers to recover industrial heat and improve energy efficiency

Save energy on your thermal process

Recover waste heat - that is now lost - from flue gas or exhaust air

Industrial energy

Up to 20% of industrial heat is lost via flue gases and exhaust air leaving the stack or chimney. Waste heat recovery improves industrial energy efficiency.

Waste heat recovery from Flue gas

A significant reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and operational costs is possible with waste heat recovery from flue gas and exhaust air. Extract more heat from your flue.

Advanced industrial heat exchangers

HeatMatrix engineers and manufactures advanced industrial heat exchangers to recover more waste heat. Also from corrosive and fouling flue gas and exhaust air.