Heat Recovery Systems for
Flue gas & Exhaust air

Corrosion and fouling problems limit heat recovery in the industry. We engineer corrosion and fouling resistant heat recovery systems for your plant, so you can recover more heat.

Reduce CO2 emissions & Fuel costs

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Prevent Corrosion & Fouling problems

You are losing up to 20% energy through the stack

What is keeping you from recovering this heat?


Determining the best way to lower your energy consumption is complex.

Corrosion or fouling

Your flue gas or exhaust air is potentially corrosive or fouling.

Business case

The payback time of waste heat recovery options must be less than 5 years.

We design and deliver heat recovery systems to reduce your carbon footprint

Save energy on your thermal process

Recover heat - that is now lost - from flue gas or exhaust air

Mission Waste Heat

A significant amount of industrial heat is lost via the stack. Heat is currently not recovered due to acid dew point corrosion problems. The HeatMatrix polymer heat exchangers overcome this limitation and enable energy savings by up to 10% per application. It is the mission of HeatMatrix to help companies recover this waste heat with a positive business case. Making it possible to combine sustainability with profitability, and reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Heat Recovery Scan for your company

Our heat recovery experts help you determine the most interesting opportunities for waste heat recovery. You receive an overview of options.