Industrial Cookie Bakery

Heat recovery from a tunnel oven reduced gas consumption with 20%.

4% boiler effiency increase

140 kW heat recovery

Payback time 1 year for equipment

Heat recovery from fouling baking vapours

The industrial bakery has the ambition to reduce energy consumption. In the production process of cookies many fatty ingredients are used like butter and chocolate. In the oven fouling baking vapours are extracted and currently released to the atmosphere at high temperature. The bakery would like to recover heat from these vapours to reduce overall energy consumption.

HeatMatrix polymer Air PreHeater

Because of the smooth surface of the polymer tubes the HeatMatrix polymer APH has a low tendency to foul. This aspect in combination with an in-situ cleaning system makes it the perfect combination for heat recovery at this bakery. A polymer Air PreHeater was installed and cools down all the baking vapours from the oven.

20% reduction of oven gas consumption

Circulation air for the oven is preheated from 15 to 103°C, which results in a heat recovery of 140 kW and a reduction of the oven gas consumption of 20%. 


Solution has a duty of 140kW
Flue gas flow 6100 kg/hr
Temperature flue gas flow 163 °C
Fouling sugars and fatty acids
Installed system HeatMatrix polymer APH

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