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Steam boiler efficiency is expected to increase by 6% with heat recovery from the corrosive flue gas of a biogas fired steam boiler.

6% boiler efficiency increase

760 kW heat recovered

Payback period <3 years

More sustainable manufacturing proces

This paper manufacturer has the ambition to make their production processes more sustainable. Their steam boiler is being co-fired with biogas. Currently, heat recovery from the flue gas of this boiler is limited due to the potentially corrosive nature of the flue gas.

Study on how to recover more heat

Conventional metal air preheaters are not suitable for deep cooling of the flue gas because the acids in the flue gas will condense. Heat recovery through a combination of a metal and and a polymer system was designed. With this system, flue gas may be cooled down through the acid dew point to preheat the combustion air.

6% boiler efficiency increase

Combustion air will be preheated from 25 to 179 °C. Thanks to the combination of a metal and a polymer air preheater, more heat can be recovered without corrosion issues.


Solution has a duty of 760 kW
Capacity 16 TPH
Flue gas flow 18,500 kg/hr
Temperature flue gas flow 231 °C
SO2 concentration 200 mg/Nm3
Proposed system combinaton of a polymer and metal APH

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Technical Assessment of heat recovery on your Steam boiler

Our process engineers assess the technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your Steam Boiler. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs is determined.