Waste heat recovery systems for flue gas and baking vapours in Bakeries

Do you need to reduce your energy consumption? Our experts determine your heat recovery opportunities and implement the best heat recovery system in your bakery.

Reduce natural gas usage

Receive a plan for heat recovery

Solve Fouling problems

Your oven, boiler or thermal oil heater is losing up to 20% energy via the stack or chimney

What is keeping you from recovering this waste heat?

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Operational priorities?

You lack time to investigate energy saving possibilities.

Ducting fouling in an industrial bakery

Fouling baking vapours?

Vapours from your ovens may be greasy, sticky or may contain dust which causes heat exchanger blocking.

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The business case?

The payback time of waste heat recovery systems must be less than 5 years.

HeatMatrix engineers and manufacturers heat exchangers to recover industrial heat and improve energy efficiency for Bakeries.

Save up to 10% energy on your thermal process

Recover waste heat - that is now lost - from flue gas or baking vapours

Your thermal process has waste heat recovery potential

Select your thermal process to find out how

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Baking ovens

Up to 20% of heat from baking ovens is lost through the chimney. Heat from hot baking vapours and flue gases can be used to preheat air or water.

Gas boilers in gas boiler room for steam production

Steam boilers

Hot flue gas from steam boilers leaving the chimney still holds more than 10% of energy. This can be recovered and used to preheat combustion air, boiler feed water or cleaning water.

Industrial boilers of a factory

Thermal oil heaters

On thermal oil heaters 15% of energy is lost through the chimney. This can be recovered and used to preheat combustion air or water for cleaning and building heating.

How waste heat recovery systems work

Our waste heat recovery systems for Bakeries

HeatMatrix polymer air preheater

Polymer Air Preheater

Our air preheaters with anti-fouling properties extract heat from flue gases or baking vapours to warm up combustion, convection or circulation air.

HeatMatrix polymer economiser

Polymer Economiser

In our economisers heat from flue gases or baking vapours can be used to heat make-up, boiler feed or CIP water.

Industrial Cookie Bakery

20% gas reduction

Your path to lower CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs


Technical assessment

Our process engineers assess technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your process. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs is determined.


Heat exchanger design and Business Case

A proposal shows all technical details and an economic assessment with payback time. You have everything you need for budget approval.

Realize Project delivery

HeatMatrix will design, deliver and, upon request, install a complete heat recovery system on your site, so you don’t have to worry about the implementation.


Bread or confectionary is baked in (continuous) ovens. The flue gases and baking vapors are sources of waste heat. The waste heat can be recovered and used for combustion or convection air preheating. Alternatively hot water can be generated for usage in (crate) washers, dough preparation or for building heating.

In case of an Economiser, heat recovery will not influence your baking process because the equipment will be installed in a bypass with its own fan. This will ensure that the pressure in the ovens will not be affected. In case of an air preheater, our experts will analyse together with you how air preheating on your oven is feasible.

When you operate your oven for more than 4500 hrs per year, it is very likely that a good business case can be achieved. Our proposal for a turnkey installation will contain an economic assessment of the project.

Flue gas with a temperature of 120 °C can already be a cost efficient source of waste energy. Other variables that play an important role in the business case are the total flue gas flow and running hours of the oven.

HeatMatrix heat recovery systems are easy to clean and maintain. Heat exchanger units can be easily removed for manual cleaning. An in-line cleaning system can be installed that cleans automatically during operation.

Typical payback time of waste heat recovery in industrial bakeries is in the range of 3-5 years. We can help in determining the most attractive combination of waste heat source and heat user to define the best business cases.

Technical assessment of waste heat recovery for your bakery

Our process engineers assess the technical feasibility of additional heat recovery on your process. The potential reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs is determined.