Heat integration on Dryer results in 290 kW energy savings

Heat recovery from Steam Boiler reduces 220 tonnes CO2 per year

Reduced flue gas temperature of an RTO from 200 to 76 °C

Regenerative thermal Oxidizer (RTO) at an industrial factory

5,300 kW Energy Recovery from an Incinerator

HeatMatrix polymer economiser customer reference at USG industrial utilities

Heat recovery from CHP for a heating grid

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system at an industrial factory

20% gas consumption reduction with heat recovery from Oven

Cookie baking proces in an industrial cookie bakery

Flue gas heat recovery of a Brick Oven to preheat drying air

Brick production process of a brick manufacturer

6% Steam Boiler efficiency increase in Paper Mill

Paper roll in a paper mill in Europe

Heat recovery through Acid Dew Point from Fired Heater flue gas

CDU furnace of a fired heater

Heat recovery through Acid Dew Point in Ceramics industry

HeatMatrix customer reference of TCKI