HeatMatrix acquired by Bos Nieuwerkerk on July 11th

Bos Nieuwerkerk, supplier of industrial stacks and flue gas systems, is expanding its business: on July 11th 2022 the acquisition of HeatMatrix Group is a fact. This fulfills a long-cherished wish. Martine Goedegebuure (managing director/owner) of Bos Nieuwerkerk: “We would like to contribute to making the industrial sector more sustainable. With the acquisition of HeatMatrix Group, we are taking a major step in that direction.”

Bos Nieuwerkerk has been active worldwide in the field of flue and process gases for almost 50 years. The family-owned business is an expert in unburdening clients: projects are delivered turnkey, often using their network of partners. HeatMatrix was one of those partners. Since its founding in 2008, HeatMatrix has helped many industrial clients to make their production process more sustainable through flue and process gas waste heat recovery. With heat recovery, both significant CO2 emission reduction and savings on energy costs can be achieved.

Martine Goedegebuure: “In the current tight energy market, that is a big plus, but the most important thing is, that we make the use of heat from flue gases a permanent part of our scope. Goedegebuure: “We always say that we are specialists in industrial stack technology… and more. That “more” now has an extra sustainable meaning.”

About HeatMatrix

The heat from exhaust air is recovered and used to preheat fresh ambient air entering the dryer. This saves fuel on the fresh air heater. Due to the high humidity and presence of dust, heat recovery from drying processes can create corrosion and fouling problems.

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Pim van Keep, Technical Sales director at HeatMatrix