HeatMatrix in the News: Bricks and Tiles Industry International / Ziegelindustrie International

Bricks and Tiles Industry International / Ziegelindustrie International, the magazine for the construction ceramic industry, features an article in this month’s issue on the contribution that HeatMatrix can bring to making the industry more sustainable.

The production of bricks and tiles is a highly energy-intensive process, in particular the clay drying and firing process steps. A significant amount of this energy is released to the atmosphere via the stack. Traditionally, recovery of heat from this flue gas has been problematic due to the presence of corrosive acids and heavy fouling. The HeatMatrix technology now offers the ceramic industry (and other energy intensive industries) the solution to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 footprint by recovering more waste heat. The novel HeatMatrix polymer-based technology has been proven in full scale industry trials under severe conditions to be both acid resistant and able to deal with the fouling conditions present.

Check out the Ziegelindustrie International article on: https://www.zi-online.info/en/artikel/zi_Heat_recovery_from_flue_gases_by_means_of_polymer-based_heat_exchangers_3299299.html

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