Reduce costs of CCS by cooling flue gas through the Acid Dew Point

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a CO2 abatement solution for the longer term. There is already a way to reduce C02 emissions now. This is achieved by increasing heat recovery from cooling flue gas through the acid dew point. This brings immediate savings in energy and CO2 emissions. Additionally it reduces future CAPEX and OPEX of CCS substantially.

At the IDW 2020 conference, Pim van Keep – Director Technical Sales of HeatMatrix – explained how this can be achieved.

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Reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of your Carbon Capture plant

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Heat Recovery Opportunity Scan

Gratis analyse van besparingsmogelijkheden voor warmteterugwinning uit rookgas, bakdamp, of drooglucht in uw fabriek

Robert Sakko

Director Technology
Weten hoeveel energiekosten jouw fabriek kan besparen door warmte terugwinning uit rookgassen, bakdamp, of drooglucht? Volg de stappen. HeatMatrix brengt jouw mogelijkheden in kaart.

We starten uw Heat Recovery Opportunity Scan met 3 korte vragen