Heat can be recovered from Corrosive and Fouled flue gas

In the industry, significant amounts of energy are lost via the stack. Stack losses are concentrated and therefore a great place to recover heat. However, acid dew point corrosion has been stopping operators from recovering this heat . But not any longer! Interested to recover more heat from your flue gas? Download our white paper to learn more.

Corrosive flue gas is no longer a showstopper for heat recovery
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Heat Recovery Opportunity Scan

Gratis analyse van besparingsmogelijkheden voor warmteterugwinning uit rookgas, bakdamp, of drooglucht in uw fabriek

Robert Sakko

Director Technology
Weten hoeveel energiekosten jouw fabriek kan besparen door warmte terugwinning uit rookgassen, bakdamp, of drooglucht? Volg de stappen. HeatMatrix brengt jouw mogelijkheden in kaart.

We starten uw Heat Recovery Opportunity Scan met 3 korte vragen