The Paris Agreement – International Energy Agency states that 60% of CO2 reductions should come from efficiency improvements

First universal climate agreement commits 194 countries worldwide to set very challenging greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The potential to save energy in industry is phenomenal. HeatMatrix technology enables industry to recover 50% of waste heat that is discharged to atmosphere through a stack.

The recovered heat can be re-used to heat up cold outside air for combustion or drying.

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Re-use of waste heat results in a strong reduction in fossil fuel consumption. Apart from associated operation cost reduction, HeatMatrix technology results in the following benefits per (large) project annually:
• Primary energy savings: 150 TJ / year
• CO2 footprint reduction: 9 Million kg CO2 / year (= equivalent to 2,560 households)

If HeatMatrix was to sell and implement 60 of such large waste heat recovery projects in the industry in the upcoming 5 years, it would fulfill the 9PJ extra energy saving target that heavy industry has committed itself to under the Dutch Energy Agreement 2013 – 2023!