HeatMatrix presents a masterclass New Materials; 21 april 2016

At 21st of april 2016 Robert Sakko presents a masterclass ‘New materials for Polymer Heat Exchangers’ at I-Cleantech. I-Cleantech organises a workshop Heat valorization in practice.

Every day thousands of calories are lost. The capture of this waste heat occurs in all «ancient» heat exchangers. Even here, innovative products and services are under development: innovative plate heat exchangers, thermoelectric power, Phase Change Materials (PCM), the exchange of steam to new business models around tube heat exchangers. This masterclass shows in an industrial setting some examples around business models and innovative types of heat exchangers. The stories come from the practice of placement to maintenance.


08u00 — 09u.00: Welcome and breakfast

09u00 — 10u15: Part 1
Heat exchanging in four waves, prof. Michel De Paepe, UGent
Tube heat exchangers in the industry: from practice to business case, Stijn Descamps, Timmerman — EHS
Heat recovery solution for processed fumes in small and middle industries, Luc Prieels, Acte

10u15 — 10u45: Pauze

10u45 — 12u00: Part 2
New materials for polymer heat exchangers, Robbert Sakko, Heatmatrix
Chemische warmtepomp, Wouter Ducheyne, Caloritum
(Waste) heat to electricity: ORC, Guy De Graeve, E-Rational
Micro-heat network and coupling heat and power between KMO’s: Dirk Boeckx, Beneens

12u00: Lunch