HeatMatrix EcoPack

HeatMatrix EcoPack

Recover waste heat from your process

Receive a Turnkey solution

Reduce your costs and CO2 emissions

You want to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission

But where and how to start?

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You find it difficult to determine the best energy and CO2 reduction options.
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You want assurance that your investment delivers real energy, CO2 and cost savings.
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You want heat recovery integrated in your process by experts.

We take care of the entire design and implementation of heat recovery in your process

Our turnkey solution

Building blocks of the EcoPack

1. Heat exchange unit

The modular heat exchanger has a high thermal efficiency. The heat exchanger is compact and can be installed in almost all situations.

2. By-pass valve with fan

The EcoPack heat exchanger will be installed in a by-pass so it will never impact your main process. An inline or chimney fan will guarantee and control the draft in the system.

3. Control system with instruments

The EcoPack system has its own control system to control the heat recovery. All required valves, temperature and pressure sensors are controlled by this system in order to guarantee problem free operation.

Benefits of the EcoPack

  • Complete system for heat recovery
    Complete system for heat recovery

    The EcoPack is a complete packaged solution. The system includes a heat exchanger, fan, instruments, valves and controls.

  • Current operation is not influenced
    Current operation is not influenced

    The heat exchanger will be installed in a by-pass configuration so your main process can always operate, with or without heat recovery.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
    Easy to clean and maintain

    The retractable elements make it easy to clean the heat exchanger. A spare set of heat exchange modules makes it possible to continue operation without any downtime.

Technical details

Operating range

Flue gas connection ranging from 250 to 500 mm
Tdesign: up to 600 °C
Pdesign: 10 barg


The EcoPack exchanger will be installed in the flue gas exhaust from your thermal process. The recovered heat will be transferred via water piping to the heat consumers.


The EcoPack heat exchanger has an integrated drain for condensate removal.


All parts in contact with flue gas are made from stainless steel 316L for corrosion resistance.

The HeatMatrix EcoPack can be applied in these industries and thermal processes

Your path to lower CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs


Heat Recovery Scan

Our heat recovery experts determine the most interesting opportunities for waste heat recovery for your process. You receive an overview of options.


Heat Recovery Proposal

We engineer a robust heat recovery solution for your situation. You receive a proposal with all technical details and an economic assessment with payback time. You have everything for budget approval.


Turnkey Project Delivery

HeatMatrix will design, deliver and install a complete heat recovery system in your factory, so you don’t have to worry about the implementation.


The maximum allowable flue gas temperature is 600 °C.

Together with you we will first develop the most suitable solution for your situation. Thereafter we will take care of all installation works including start-up of the system.

The HeatMatrix EcoPack can also be used to heat up water/glycol mixtures or thermal oil. For heating up other process liquids than those, please contact us.