Biogas co-fired steam boiler at brewery

A 15 mt/hr steam boiler operating at an average load of 10 mt/hr and 7500 hours a year has been equipped with a HeatMatrix polymer air preheater. An efficiency improvement of 3,3 % (216 kw) was obtained by reducing the flue gas temperature from 130 °C to 69 °C. The overall pay-back time for this project was 2,3 years.

Flue gas flow 11,700 kg/hr
Flue gas inlet temperature 130 °C
Flue gas outlet temperature 69 °C
Air inlet temperature 20 °C
Air outlet temperature 89,5 °C
Duty 216 kW

Case industrial steam boiler


Case industrial APH metal and polymer

Furnace at an oil refinery

A flue gas flow of 95,000 kg/hr at 290 °C was used to preheat combustion air in a hybrid configuration of a metal and polymer air preheater. The efficiency improvement is 9,6 %, which corresponds to 5,8 MW of heat as result of reducing the flue gas temperature in 2 stages to 91 °C . Overall incentive of 1.5 million €/year.

Flue gas flow 95,000 kg/hr
Flue gas inlet temperature 290 °C
Flue gas outlet temperature 91 °C
Air inlet temperature 15 °C
Air outlet temperature 247 °C
Duty 5,8 MW (3,2 MW by metal and 2,6 MW by polymer)


Waste heat recovery from biogas engine (CHP)

A flue gas flow of 8,500 kg/hr at 180 °C was used to preheat a circulating water stream of a city heating grid from 65 °C to 85 °C. The fue gas temperature was reduced to 100 °C using a indirect cooling system, which separates corrosive flue gas from the city heating grid. An overall incentive of 49.000 €/year and a thermal efficiency improvement is 15 % was achieved.

Flue gas flow 8.500 kg/hr
Flue gas inlet temperature 180 °C
Flue gas outlet temperature 100 °C
Liquid inlet temperature 65 °C
Liquid outlet temperature 85 °C
Duty 203 kW

Case industrial LUVO CHP

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