Brick and Tile Industry International Magazine 1 2019: Heat recovery from flue gases by means of polymer-based heat exchangers

The HeatMatrix Group has developed a novel acid and fouling-resistant system based on polymer technology to effectively recover heat from flue gas in the ceramics industry.

The challenge
The production of clay bricks and roofing tiles is an energy-intensive process, in particular the firing and drying process steps. Even if partial heat integration has already been implemented, a significant amount of energy is still lost through the stack, where flue gas is emitted at elevated temperatures. Recovery of this heat using traditional heat exchangers has always been problematic, due to acid condensation, which leads to severe corrosion, and due to fouling from soot, dust and salts.

The idea
In close cooperation with the Dutch Technical Centre for the Ceramic Industry (TCKI), a new polymer-based technology for heat recovery has been tested at two brick production plants, at the brick manufacturers Rodruza and Engels Baksteen in the Netherlands.

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